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Welcome to the home of life-long security for your pet, and personal peace of mind, Forever Home Pet Assurance.

As pet owners, we live active lives.  We drive, fly, and commute for work and business, and travel frequently for pleasure.  Our pets stay at home, hoping that we never experience the tragedy of an auto accident, natural disaster or terminal illness.  They depend on us for everything.  Tragically, if we become unable to care for them, they may end up in a shelter or be euthanized.  

Having your pet suffer or fall prey to human incompetence, negligence or abuse is a horrifying proposition.  No one cares for your pet like you do, and unless prior arrangements are made, you won’t get to make final decisions for your pet if you become incapacitated or deceased.

Fortunately, Forever Home Pet Assurance™ enables you to take the right steps to ensure that your pet is never without a loving home.  By enrolling your pet in our service, you receive our guarantee that your pet will be adopted by a family who will love, value, and care for your pet for the rest of its life.  Our Forever Homes are assessed for suitability with your pet, to ensure that they will thrive in their new environment.

To find out more about the details of our service, and the peace of mind it can bring you on your pet’s behalf, we invite you to explore our coverage details or contact usIf you prefer, you can place your order by telephone by giving us a call at 1-800-948-9267.

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Rascal is a pretty girl who was orphaned after her parents lost their home in a fire.  The family had to reside in a hotel for 6 months or more while the house was rebuilt.  The parents decided Rascal needed a Forever Home.  She is a perfect, family-raised, house cat.  She is loving, gentle and graceful.  She will make a fine addition to any family.  She also does great with children.