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Our Promise

At Forever Home Pet Assurance, we promise that your pet will never be alone, neglected, or euthanized in the event that you are unable to care for them due to natural disaster, incapacitation, or death.  It’s a big promise, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that we can keep our promise to you.

We’ve created a vast network of dedicated volunteers, foster homes, no-kill organizations, and future pet owners who are ready and willing to provide Forever Homes.  We also carry comprehensive liability insurance and bonding so you know we’re here for you every step of the way.

The moment your pet comes into our care, we will provide them with a caring environment while we locate their Forever Home.  In some cases, your pet may be able to go directly from your home to their Forever Home, while in other cases, a loving foster parent will provide a temporary home until a permanent match is made.

Everyone on our team and in our network is committed to finding the best possible home for your pet.  Your pet will have a special profile created following an assessment and examination by a Forever Home Pet Assurance™ specialist.  It will be shared throughout our network and we will all work together to find the perfect home for your pet so that they can live out their lives in comfort and security.

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